Let Me Tell You About Wine

Let Me Tell You About Wine

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The ultimate no nonsense guide to wine from Oz Clarke, one of the world's leading wine experts. There is no jargon, no snobbery, no previous knowlege assumed. Just how to enjoy the kind of wine that is in the shops at the moment.


Get the flavour of what you want • Discover the grape varieties • What makes each wine unique

PART 2: ENJOYING WINE Buying and storing wine • Understanding wine labels • Opening the bottle • Serving wine • How to taste wine • How to spot a faulty wine • Drinking wine in a restaurant • Matching food and wine • Wine and health

PART 3: THE WORLD OF WINE France • Italy • Spain • Portugal • Germany • Austria • Other European countries • United States • South America • Australia • New Zealand • South Africa • Other wine countries

About the author

Oz Clarke is one of the world's leading wine experts and one of the most popular. He has won many international awards for both wine tasting and wine writing and his BBC TV and radio broadcasts keep audiences spellbound and entertained.