The Bar Owners' Handbook


The Bar Owners' Handbook

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Every year 1,600 pubs close but 2,000 bars open, and the number of personal licences in force has risen by 100,000 to more than 650,000 since 2009. The aim of  The Bar Owners’ Handbook is to offer practical advice and information to all would-be start ups on:

• Recognising the opportunity

• Raising the finance

• Obtaining the licences

• Finding the premises

• Marketing the business

Chapter One: Why a bar
Chapter Two: Planning and licensing
Chapter Three: Legal matters
Chapter Four: Beer and cider
Chapter Five: Up spirits
Chapter Six: Wine
Chapter Seven: Cafés and bars
Chapter Eight: Food
Customs and Duty
Directory of Services and Supplies

Plus 12 case studies

About the author
Ted Bruning is a journalist who has worked in the brewing industry and pub trade press for over 20 years. He joined CAMRA’s What’s Brewing and five years later he became editor. He left in 2006 to return to freelancing. Ted’s love of beer and pubs is reflected in his books, his best selling The Microbrewers' Handbook,     Historic Pubs of London, Historic Inns of England and London By Pub. 


210 x 135mm 

Pages: 240 black and white

Binding: Paperback

ISBN: 9781903872383



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