The Craft Brewers' Compendium

The Craft Brewers' Compendium

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Brewing has become so much more fun since somebody decided that if you could

eat it, you could probably put it in beer too. Herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables,

oysters – it’s all a long way from the venerable German Reinheitsgebot, which for

five centuries has permitted only the use of barley, hops, and yeast in brewing.

Today’s craft or microbrewery is as much a playground as a place of work; and

for every commercial brewer experimenting away like a medieval alchemist there

are ten or a dozen home brewers who are just as inquisitive and if anything more

enthusiastic and playful (after all, the home brewer can afford the odd disaster!).

But nobody has ever tried to list in one book all the contents of the craft brewer’s

pantry: all the malts, the grains, the fruit and veg, the hops, the herbs and spices,

the flowers, the yeasts, the bacilli and all the rest... 500 or more of them

Until now...



Part 1: Welcome to the mash tun

Malts, Unmalted grains, Brewing sugars and Mashed vegetables

Part 2: Hops worldwide and their varieties

Australia, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Japan,

New Zealand, North America, Poland, Slovenia & Balkans, South Africa, Ukraine

including Russia.

Other Flavourings

Part 3: Yeasts

Lager yeasts, European ale and saison yeasts, Wheatbeer yeasts, Alcoholtolerant


Souring Agents

Process Aids


About the authors

Ted Bruning has been a writer/journalist since 1976 and has worked at all levels and

in many fields including trade and consumer newspapers daily, weekly, and monthly,

websites, and magazines, radio, and public relations. He has also written and published

several books including The Microbrewers’ Handbook which is now in its 6th edition,

The Craft Distillers’ Handbook, Scotland: A Whisky Lover’s Guide, Historic English Inns, The

Publican’s Manual and Historic Pubs of London.

Don Burgess has has worked in the small independent brewing sector for nearly

30 years. He has trained new brewers and judged beer across Europe and the USA,

working on collaborations with brewers on both sides of the Atlantic. Don founded

Freeminer Brewery in Gloucestershire as part of the new wave of British microbrewing

in the 1990s, and won recognition for his style of beer-making in the Champion Beer

of Britain competition and further afield. He has also worked closely with maltsters and

hop growers and merchants to raise the profile of British produce. Now a respected

consultant, Don continues to train brewers both in the UK and across the world.

Size: 210 x 135mm 

Pages: 200 black and white

Binding: Paperback

ISBN: 9781903872352



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