The Flying Scotsman Pocket Book

The Flying Scotsman Pocket Book

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Join Britain's most celebrated railwayman R.H.N. Hardy, himself a product of the famed Doncaster Works, as he steers us through the extraordinary career of the world's most famous steam locomotive. Adopting a unique approach The Flying Scotsman Pocket Book presents a selection of contemporary reports and reviews, ephemera and guides, as well as photographs and posters, to portray the legendary train's history as it happened.


Introduction by Richard Hardy

British ‘Pacific’ Locomotives Compared

(Taken from The Railway Magazine July 1922)

L.N.E.R. Express Passenger Engine, 4–6–2, Pacific Type, 4472, ‘Flying Scotsman’ British Empire Exhibition Wembley 1924

(Taken from British Empire Exhibition Wembly Manual 1924)

New Rolling-Stock for Day East Coast Trains, L.N.E.R.

(Taken from The Railway Magazine July 1924)

Locomotive Tender With Side Corridor L.N.E.R.

(Taken from The Railway Gazette April 1928)

Inaugural King’s Cross–Edinburgh Non-Stop Runs, L.N.E.R.

(Taken from The Railway Gazette May 1928)

Spotting the Flying Scotsman

(Taken from L.N.E.R. Magazine July 1928)

The Permanent Way, Comfort and Curves

(Taken from L.N.E.R Magazine November 1928)

On the Flying Scotsman by Eric Gill

(Taken from L.N.E.R Magazine January 1933)

A Record L.N.E.R. Run

(Taken from The Railway Gazette December 1934)

Working Traffic Of A Double Line Over A Single Line Of Rails During
Repairs Or Obstruction

(Taken from L.N.E.R. Railway Rule Book 1933)

Walschaert’s Valve Gear (Inside Admission)

(Taken from L.N.E.R. The Locomotiveman’s Pocket Book)


(Taken from The Flying Scotsman by Alan Anderson 1949)

Alan Pegler interviewed by Hugh Gould 20th September 2000

Locomotive Practice And Performance ‘Flying Scotsman’

(Taken from The Railway Magazine December 1965)

Locomotive Practice And Performance Non-Stop Again!

(Taken from The Railway Magazine July 1968)

A ride on the ‘Flying Scotsman’

(Taken from Chicago Daily News July 1970)

George Hinchcliffe, Obituary

(Taken from Daily Telegraph Obituary 4 October 2011)


(Taken from The Railway Magazine January 2006)

Steam in the Blood

(Taken from Railways in the Blood by R.H.N. Hardy, 1985)

‘Flying Scotsman’s’ Australian Marathon

(Taken from The Railway Magazine, September 1989)

4472: The People’s Engine At Last!

(Taken from The Railway Magazine June 2004)

The ‘Flying Scotsman’ – the future


Richard H.N. Hardy was born in 1923 and educated at Marlborough College. He served an apprenticeship at Doncaster Locomotive Works and Running shed between 1941 and 1944. He then spent a further 38 years working in the Railway industry and one of his last jobs was Divisional Manager in Liverpool on the London Midland Region. He retired in 1982.

Size: 180 x 120mm 

Pages: 128 with colour and  black and white illustrations

Binding: Hardback

ISBN: 9781844862221





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