The Whisky Tastings Journal

The Whisky Tastings Journal

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An invaluable guide to the appreciation of whisky, plus extra pages for your own tasting notes. The objective of the journal is to help explain and develop your appreciation of whisky – whether expert or novice, bon viveur or gift hunter. Every person’s nose is different. By being aware of these differences you can understand what your nose is telling you. And once you can interpret these signals, you will understand and enjoy whisky even more. It isn’t always easy, but it is supposed to be fun. And the more tasting you do, the more you begin to trust your olfactory senses.

16 pages of essential information on how to taste whisky, including the essential 8 steps to writing up your own tasting note.

Followed by 144 pages for you to write your own tasting notes.

Size: 130 x 90mm 

Pages: 160 black and white

Binding: Hardback with elasticated closure

ISBN: 9780956268112

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